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Mr. Fortunat Chaput was born in Varennes in the Petit-Bois back road where he grew up and spent his younger years. Subsequently, he married Annette Savaria from Ste-Julie and established himself as a farmer in the Petite-Prairie district of Varennes, until the day he sold his farm and founded Garage F. Chaput, Boul. Marie-Victorin.

His wife, Mrs. Annette Savaria Chaput, was assisting him with his administrative duties, and she even went further by selling repair parts at the service desk. It was in 1947 when mostly all Varennois practiced agriculture.

Mr. Chaput therefore offered a variety of agricultural machinery, tractors and International trucks, not to mention a repair service that also served drivers and truckers.

It is also said that at the time, it was the advent, it was the great fashion of refrigerators. It should be noted that in the countryside, people still used coolers. At Garage F.Chaput, international brand dream refrigerators were sold. In addition, Beatty Electric Scrubber Washers were introduced to revolutionize ancestral methods.

Founded in 1947, Chaput Automobile Inc. today offers an impressive array of new and used cars. In 1954, Mr. Chaput purchased a franchise to distribute Chrysler and Plymouth automobiles as well as Fargo trucks that later became Dodge trucks. We took advantage of the event to expand the showroom of the garage.

Five years later, a body repair and painting workshop was built, and Mr. Chaput acquired the former agricultural cooperative which was now located at the Varennes hotel. This later, moved to 2164 Marie-Victorin where she served wisely as a warehouse for agricultural equipment and automobiles for several years.

In 1961, the second generation made its entrance while the son of the founder, Mr. Normand Chaput, took the reins. He took them with his young wife, Mireille Chalifoux Chaput, who for several years was very active in the domain and later at Chaput Automobile Inc.

"The garage was even open on Saturdays and Sundays back then! 'Remembers Mr. Normand Chaput. The he didn't count his working hours. The garage knew a lot of success, thanks for the major part to all those who have worked hard, who have devoted themselves and who still dedicate themselves with passion to the service of the customers.

If today the vocation of Chaput Automobile Inc. is mainly selling, leasing cars and truck, and after-sales service it's that during the 1970s we saw many farmers sell their land to Americans.

The family business had therefore foreseen the possibility of moving towards a new type of market, which, in addition to appearing very interesting, seemed to offer a better future.

Mr. Normand Chaput seems to have really wagered because the continuity of the company, which has taken on a lot of scale and is on the cutting edge of new technologies, is now ensured by the presence of the third generation.

Indeed, his son Luc is currently sales manager while his two twin daughters, Caroline and Isabelle also work with their father. One is a sales manager, the other works in the accounting department.

The three children have something in common with their father, that is, they all grew up in the garage. "Like me, their playground was the showroom," says Mr. Normand Chaput, smiling. "They have, by the same way, developed a lot of affinity with our kind customers."

That said, the succession is definitely in place to ensure the continuity of Chaput Automobile and several acquisitions of land and buildings were made, to leave to the company to progress and grow at its own pace in the future.

The philosophy of the company will always remain the same: A family business that offers a personalized service focused on the real needs of its valuable customers growing year by year.